Safety Program For Employees

Where Our Integrity is Our Commitment to Our Customers and Workmanship

Down South Field Services Safety program is a continuous training and education process.

Down South Field Services conducts a monthly safety meeting with employees to keep them up to date on the latest safety process and procedures. All of our employees are operator certified with Veriforce and ISNetWorld. 

Down South and Double O Field Services

All divisions are committed to working safely for ourselves, our families, and our customers.

The company owners support and encourage all employees to work safely at all times (on the job site, off the job site, and at home).

We will provide safety documentation or use the safety documentation provided and/or required by the customer.

Our employees will follow all requirements set by the customer:​ safety, procedures, general requirements, best practices.

Our management team's commitment to safety is reflected in our safety record. Our TRIR is "0.0" and our current EMR is "0.68"